12 Necessary Steps should take First for a New Startup Company

A startup company entrepreneurial venture which try to meet the need of market and make a solution with its product or service. A startup usually designed to build a scalable business model. If we look at record book there was a much more record for startup failure but its also true that the successful startup company lead the whole industry.

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Here a proverb goes “Within 10 Startups, 9 startups become failure”

So there needs some proper plan for starting a Startup Company. So I try to write something about the process of building an idle startup company in Bangladesh.

  1. Select a unique product or service or do something that solves any problem from our society.
  2. Make sure what you want to do and look what your competitor does.
  3. Take advice from some experienced persons.
  4. Make a startup budget for your business and found the source of the budget.
  5. If you select your product or service than keep a name with it. Try to make it simple and user-friendly.
  6. For any kind of business, you need a trade license. So do a trade license for your business. Noted: Don’t think it’s small. Every small thing grows for big.
  7. Hire someone who is expert for that product or service. (If you have one of your partners than skip it.)
  8. You have to need a strategic plan or planner.
  9. For this digitalization period, you have to need a website for your audience.
  10. When developer develops the website, you make some marketing planning with your strategy planner. For that, you should take some small step for your business.
  11. Target your audience. Analysis the best marketing strategy with alternatives.
  12. Day by day develop your idea and strategy to solve the problem and archive your goal.
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