5 Best WordPress Plugin That Increase Your Website Speed

WordPress is the most using CMS (Content Managment System) in the worldwide. A statistics shows that nowadays 63% website build on WordPress. Only because of its easy building functionality and stunning interface. There is so much free web temple for different purpose like educational, corporate, e-commerce, blogging etc. Here you can find many free plugins for maintenance.
Today we discuss some plugin that can increase your WordPress website speed. Your website speed very much important for your visitor and google ranking also. If your website speed is slow then you lose your visitors who are your customers also. In another hand, your website loses google rank also. Your WordPress website speed depends on some issues. Your hosting provider, WordPress theme choose, WordPress plugin etc. If your hosting server is fast and you use a premium theme not nulled theme than this post for you. We introduce you to 5 important plugins that helps you to increase your WordPress website speed.
EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer automatically decreases your image size with different formats and size your website need. This is a free WordPress plugin. It has a paid version also. In the free version, you can optimize 50 images in onetime. In Pro version it’s unlimited. So that if you use free version you have to several times if your image is more than 50.
Google Libraries
The Google Libraries is a plugin that hosted your JQuery and other scripts on your website on Googles AJAX Libraries API. Its make your site already hosted on new visitors browsers.
If your WordPress website uses JQuery, javascript and other scripts than Google Libraries helps your visitor make your website faster from others.


You don’t know that you make slow your website day by day. Don’t trust me? Ok, then I will show you how. When you make any revisions or any update of any post or product you see a message that shows how many times you revision that. And you can back your old ones. So just think how many time you update that one it’s same every time a new file, that makes heavy your website and it’s going today by day. Now I tell you how you solve this issue. For this, you have to install the wp-optimize plugin.
It automatically cleans up your WordPress website extra files like the spamming comment, older post file, your trash files that can help to increase your WordPress website speed.

WP Super Cache

The WP Super Cache save your website data like (Images, CSS file, Scripts etc) to the visitor’s browser. That’s why when the same visitor visits your website the webpage load faster than previous one.
Using browser caching your browser remind the previous browsing data. WP Super Cache plugin do it for you.

WordPress Inspector

Its very important to regularly check your WordPress website for the update, performance, speed check, spamming thread, SEOand security. That can increase your website speed.
Wordpress Inspector can do it for you. It’s work automatically. And it’s a free WordPress plugin.

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