Facebook New Ads Policy Updates Coming Through

The official full FB new policy updates coming through. The following are Facebook’s latest ads policies and account applying process, please read carefully, thanks
1. Officially implement domain-level ads consistency with promotion website project
From December 3, 2018, Facebook will launch a project for the consistency of domain-level advertisement and promotion link to small and medium-sized e-commerce customers.
This update requires customers to provide accurate and complete domain information for the website when creating a new account. When an ad account creation request is successfully approved by Facebook, this account can only promote the website submitted when applying the account. If the advertiser needs to add a new promotion website, they will need to request another new advertising account.
The implementation of this new project will not affect any existing advertising accounts. Please ensure your accounts compliance with the advertising policy (https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/) to reduce violations.
2. Prevent potential risk account from having a surge of spending
Facebook has always been committed to building a transparent community to promote real communication, thereby reducing bad user experience.
Therefore, Facebook currently imposes a daily spending amount of approximately 400 USD on some newly opened ad accounts. The review time is about one month (the specific limit and assessment time are subject to Facebook’s actual implementation). This restriction is for some new advertiser’s new accounts.
If the advertising account complies with Facebook’s policy within a few weeks, and the user experience is good (after-sales service is good), the restriction will be lifted; if there are more disapproved ads due to policy violation, or the user’s after-sales experience is poor, this restriction will be continued until the behavior is getting better.
3. Fan page satisfaction rating – new policy for applying new account:
From November 19th, if an advertiser has promoted a fan page with a customer rating <=1, all advertising account applications will not be approved. This customer will not be able to apply any new account on Facebook in the future.
4. Fan Page Customer Rating – An update that affects account delivery:
From November 22nd, the fan page customer ratings have the following updates:
Fan page customer satisfaction score <= 3, advertisers will receive notifications at BM/Ads Manager to advise them to improve customer feedback and potentially avoid enforcement.
Fan page customer satisfaction score is between 1.51 – 2, advertising has different degrees of delivery reduction penalty. (the same as the current policy, no change)
Fan page customer satisfaction score is between 1.1 – 1.5, immediately entered the manual review, if passed, the fan page penalty still exists. If it is not passed, fb will disable the page permanently.
Fan page customer satisfaction score is between 0.5 – 1, immediately stop advertising for 45 days, and start manual review. If it is not passed, stop it permanently. If it is passed, the ad will start running after 45 days, but the delivery reduction penalty will still exist.
Fan page customer satisfaction score <0.5, permanently stop advertising
5. NCS, Non-Compliance Score Policy:
FB will extract ad samples from the platform each day, then these ads will queue for manual review and classify them as violation and non-violation.If the proportion of noncompliance advertisements is too high, it may lead to penalties such as fines. Please pay close attention to exam your ads!

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